We all know the right people in some clubs.

With entr. make sure you know the right people in any club.

The entr. mobile app provides clubbers with a secure platform through which they can coordinate entry to their desired clubs.

What Is It ?

Whether it's the most exclusive of clubs or the grungiest underground dump reserved to a select few, make sure you walk in with the right people and avoid spending all that queuing time in vain.

A Secure Platform for Clubbers

Your Way In to Any Club

With entr. , clubbers are able to find the ideal host to facilitate access to their favorite clubs.

Free, Cross-Platform and Secure

entr. is 100% free to download from both the App Store and Google Play. 

Plan Ahead

Browse listings to find the one that best fits your needs. 


As a Plus One, you won’t be charged unless your entry to the club or event is successful. 

Get Paid

As a Hero, earn money each time you’re able to get someone in your agreed upon club or event.

Keep Your Identity Safe

Your personal information will remain hidden from other users. Everything you’ll need will be done via the app. 

We're Launching Very Soon! 

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